OPEN – Phase 2: Local Action Grant RFP

Overdose Prevention and Education Network – Phase 2: Local Action Grant
Evaluation Request for Proposal (RFP)

Project Background:

Project context and rationale

Following the declaration of a public health emergency in April 2016 by BC’s Provincial Health Officer, the Community Action Initiative (CAI) Leadership Council approved funding for the Overdose Prevention Education Network (OPEN) project in September 2016. OPEN aims to increase BC’s community-based mental health and substance use sector’s capacity to prevent and respond to opioid overdose. Capacity-building is to be undertaken via four core activities:

1. Convening grants for up to 15 community-based organizations across BC (Phase 1)
2. Implementation of an online community of practice to deliver relevant resources and training for peers and CBO’s (Phase 1)
3. Delivery of a knowledge exchange and networking event (Phase 1)
4. Local Action Grants for up to 20 community coalitions across BC (Phase 2)

This RFP pertains to the Local Action phase of the OPEN project. Local Action Grants will be issued March 2018 to support actions identified during the initial coalition building and planning phase (via convening grants) to address local needs to better prevent and respond to opioid overdose. Local Action Grants will award successful applicants $20,000 for meeting basic criteria, and $40,000 for meeting additional criteria. Successful coalitions will have up to 12 months to implement their proposals and spend funds.

Local Action Grants differ to other overdose prevention and response grants offered in the province at this time as they are: community-led, systems focused (i.e. funding coalitions rather than single organizational entities), incentivize the formalization of roles for peers and People With Lived Experience (PWLE), culturally inclusive and promote social innovation (i.e. funding to augment local initiatives that show early promise and could be scaled up).

To access the Phase 2 RFP, please click the link below:

OPEN Phase 2 Eval RFP